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Pedal and Play in Paradise is hosted by:   TEAM VECTOR LOGO REVISE 2014 FINAL

"Build a Bike, Win a Bike - A Pedal and Play Alternative"

March 1 -15, 2021

Thanks to Build a Bike, Win a Bike Riders!

We hope you enjoyed the challenge.

  • 125 registered (Members of the Build a Bike committee could participate in the event but did not turn entry forms and were not eligible for the drawing.)
  • 98 returned entry forms (80% return rate);  5 were returned uncompleted or incorrect and these entries were excluded from the drawing.
  • There were 93 entries in prize drawing bowl.

The prize winners:

  • GRAND PRIZE – Townie 7 speed bicycle – Donated by Charlotte Community Foundation and ACME Bicycle Shop
    • WINNER: Pat VanderVlucht
  • Electric Bicycle Rental – Donated by PEDELEC Electric Bicycles
    • WINNER: Ron Stenberg
  • Brooks Messenger Bag – Donated by PEDELEC Electric Bicycles
    • WINNER: Wendy Ryan
  • Bicycle Tune-Up – Donated by The Bicycle Center
    • WINNER: Brian Barnes
  • Bicycle Helmets – Donated by the Punta Gorda Police Department
    • WINNERS: Gloria VanderVlucht and Alan McBride
  • Bicycle Lock – Donated by TEAM PG Bicycle Loaner Program
    • WINNER: David Loker
  • “Share the Lane” tex wick shirts – Donated by TEAM PG Bicycle Friendly Program
    • WINNERS: Joy Detra and Kevin Furlong