Pedal and Play, March 26 2022!

Bicycle Friendly Initiatives


One of the many things that TEAM Punta Gorda does to make our city such a wonderful place to live, visit, and play is its Bicycle Friendly Community initiative.  Here is an overview of the program.

TEAM Punta Gorda Bicycle Friendly Community Committee

The mission of this committee is to help make Punta Gorda a more bicycle friendly community.  We do this by working with other like-minded citizens and interested parties, such as the City and County Government, Bicycling Groups, Business Groups, Merchants, and Health and Education partners, to promote bicycle safety, and educate the public about the health benefits of bicycling.  We are a bicycle advocacy group that encourages more bicycle users, and the bicycling infrastructure to support them.  Over the past year we have partnered with the City and County to provide four new signed bicycle routes and provided two bicycles to the Fire Department for a new “Medics on Bikes” Program.

Share the Lane

In 2015 we launched a campaign called “Share the Lane” to promote bicycle awareness and to educate both drivers and bicycle riders.  As part of that program, we have installed wayfinder signs marking the bike/pedestrian paths and points of interest along these paths throughout the city.  We have also developed a new Share the Lane Punta Gorda website.  The site is still expanding, so check back often for the latest news, tips, and resources for biking safely in Punta Gorda and surrounding areas.

TEAM Punta Gorda’s Free Bicycle Loaner Program

TEAM Punta Gorda’s Free Bicycle Loaner Program offers visitors and residents a unique opportunity to enjoy a leisurely ride through Punta Gorda on a bicycle that’s available free of charge.  Riders can choose to follow any of four well-marked routes, or they can blaze their own trails through the city’s residential and downtown areas.  Some forty bright yellow bikes are available for loan at five locations: Bayfront Health Wellness Center, Downtown Bait & Tackle, the Sheraton Four Points Hotel, Fisherman’s Village, and Isles Yacht Club. With each bike, riders are provided a helmet and bike lock and key.  All you need is a driver’s license and credit card for security purposes.  Just sign the application and you’ll be joining the more than 6,000 riders who annually take advantage of the TEAM Punta Gorda Bicycle Loaner program.